Yes To Carrots | Repairing Night Cream

I've debated literally for about (3) months if I should write about this product or not. After trying it for a pretty good amount of time I decided to go ahead and review it. I can tell you right from the start this will be a very short and disappointing review and I'm very sad about it. This Yes To Carrots repairing night cream is supposed to repair and give you much needed moisture. I've been having more dry patches around my face and decided to go ahead and get this hoping it would help. It's not that it didn't help, it's just that it did nothing. That is whats truly disappointing about this products, the fact that I saw no change or progress in my face at all. On a better and lighter note, you do need a small amount to cover the whole face and neck, and if I had to find a silver lining I'd say its at least better to have something rather than nothing.

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