MAC | Tenderling

This was an unexpected buy, the only way to justify it is that I had just recuperated from a horrible face infection I got from my wisdom teeth taken out and I needed to treat myself to something. I had seen this blush before, especially on my quest for a more neutral blush, but it never stood out to me. For some reason on my trip to MAC I was drawn to it and decided to buy it without even trying it on. Best decision I made because I have not stopped using this blush since I got it. 

Where to begin... This just gives me a lovely muted peachy burst of color. It looks very natural and effortless. It blends out smoothly and it's just a little tease of color. This is an everyday blush that gives me a boost of color. Mixing this on top of my BB cream creates the perfect combination of a flawless complexion. I feel really pretty when I have this and my BB cream on. It is long lasting, you will always see that flush of color during the day. I don't have to retouch my blush and I don't end up looking dull throughout the day. I'm so damn happy I got this blush and it's definitely something I reach for daily.


  1. very pretty!!! im thinking in buying my first mac blush!!

    1. Really? I know the feeling! Check everything out so you make a good choice! Let me know what you pick out too :D


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