Lady Gaga Fame Perfume | Worth The Hype?

Regardless of you liking Lady Gaga or not, chances you knew about this perfume were pretty high. I personally do like Gaga which led me to actually trying and ultimately buying the perfume. Now, I didn't actually get this the second it came out. With the wisdom teeth nightmare and getting sick afterwards I couldn't check it out. So this gave me some time to read through reviews and thoughts. Everything I read came up mixed. Some reviews said yay some nay, so it was very confusing on what to actually think before buying it. Also, a huge factor I had to consider was the price. I'm so used to buying my perfumes at Marshalls at a much lower price since all the ones I like are so damn expensive. Well, to my actual joy this was $50. To some that might be still ridiculously pricey, but compared to the ones I like it's nothing. And no, I don't have expensive perfume taste... 

Now, one thing I read about the nay-sayers was that they found the scent to be a disappointment and that they expected something more from Gaga since she said it would smell like bodily fluids such as blood and semen. To me it's utterly ridiculous for someone to actually take her words to heart and actually think that it would smell like such! Who would want to smell of semen and blood? WHO? Anyway, like any other product it comes down to taste. Everyone has different tastes, so it's obvious this wouldn't be every ones cuppa tea. Luckily though, it was MY cuppa tea.

I like my scents a little bit sweet, floral and citrusy, but not sickly sweet. When I smelt this I thought it was just what I wanted. I've found some perfumes that give me what I want and yet are all different (like Beyonce's Heat). The Fame perfume has this sense of dark sultriness with a sweetness hint perfect for both day and night. I found that each time I sprayed it on, a new scent was the main focus (which I'd read beforehand on another review). So, you get more concentration on sweetness sometimes and other times you get more floral without loosing that sultriness Gaga oozes in my opinion. I have yet to find that perfect perfume that has no flaws, and I doubt I ever will. My tastes change constantly and I go with the flow. I'll forever have my top 5 smells and this one definitely makes the cut.

PS. I swear when I wore it today the smell reminded me of the inside of a LUSH store, which is AMAZING! 


  1. Very thorough review, will have to give it a wiff and see how I like it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Let me know how it goes :D

  2. Estoy loca por comprármelo!!! Huelle super rico!

  3. Is there a pocket size of this perfume? Looks like a very expensive scents of Lady Gaga. :)

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