Black Liners

I've recently gotten back into the whole cat eye wing. I'd dropped it for some time because I was getting bored of it. With this I discovered how well these (2) liners work together and how well... not so good they work apart. I bought these (2) a long time ago and was disappointing with both for different reasons. With the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen I got the precision I wished to execute a very clean wing, but it lacked the opaqueness in the color. It was very streaky to work with and I got fed up with it. With the Milani Liquif'eye Metallic eye liner I got a great color pay-off and a creamy texture that made it easy to apply, but making a defined wing was impossible since the tip of the liner rounds quite fast even after sharpening. However, both used together work very well.

I use the Revlon liner to draw my wing base, filling out all the spaces and making it very clean. I later use the Milani liner to add that opaqueness to the wing and lasting effect. I've literally used this from 7am to 10pm, no joke (even after going to the gym). Sure, it smudges a bit from time to time but the wing form stays in place. The thing is, I tolerate this because I already bought both products and can only make whats best with what I have but I don't recommend buying these (2) to come up with my results. I'm very sure you can get one good liquid liner that does what both of these together do.
1st two are Revlon & bottom one is Milani

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