Mary Kay | Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation

On today's blog post I'm going to be talking about a matte foundation good for keeping that damn T zone in check for most of the day or night. I hate knowing that my skin is oily around my T zone, it makes me touch my face throughout the day in an insecure way. Now, we all know touching the face is a big no-no and causes more unnecessary break outs. So, I was definitely on the look out for a foundation that left me matte for those special occasions where I just don't have the patience. Anyway, one of the girls from a beauty group I'm in invited me to try some products at a Mary Kay headquarters and it's where I found this foundation.

Mind you, when I found this foundation I was still a bit iffy on putting anything liquid on my whole face. I put this foundation at the MK HQ at about 7:30 or so and by 10:30 I was still very much matte. I was really impressed and tried it again but with two of my closest friends who are also oily at the T zone. Behold, they were equally as impressed by how we stayed matte for a good amount of time. Now, I wouldn't say this foundation is medium coverage, more like a light to medium coverage. Build-able? Maybe, I haven't had a reason to build it up though. So if doing mega concealing is your aim than you'd better try this out before buying. Next, I'd say this is a more night time or special occasion foundation. You know, when you really need to stay matte the whole time and not look like a disco ball. Why night time? Well, I don't think this would fair well with too much heat and humidity and I'm not gonna risk myself and try that. Nuh-uh. But, I don't know... something about this foundation screams 'For-special-occasions-only' to me and that's how I'm using it.


  1. i would love to try this foundation!!! i use the mary kay skin care line and i looove it!!!!


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