Erika Peña Internship.

  Hi guys, I bring wonderful news. My surprise is that I was picked to intern as a graphic designer for Erika Peña. I went to an interview yesterday where I showed her my work and we talked a bit. She told me I would be called today to know if I was picked or not, but she called me yesterday at night! I wasn't having such a good day so that was wonderful news. Today they were having an activity to show their new 'Nerd Chic' collection of laptops and iPad cases. I went early so I could take pictures without getting in the way. Needless to say, I had a blast taking pictures and the collection was gorgeous.

  I'm excited to work there, the ambiance just seems so nice. I hope to gain experience and just go all out! Also, one of my college friends was picked with me, so we're both really excited. I start work on Monday at 11am and it can't come sooner. Really you guys, if you want great and in style jewelry go to Erika. And no, this is not a biased promotion, I loved her jewelry from the beginning. It's just a blessing to be able to work with her.

  On another note, I started my youtube channel and I've been putting my OOTD there so go check it out. I'm going to be really busy since I'm finishing up my trimester, but I'll try to update as long as I think it's worth updating. I hope everyone is well and enjoy the pictures from my new job/home!

**Also, excuse that the 1st couple of pictures are interrupter by the gadgets. Just click on the picture to see the original size. All pictures taken by me**

Here's the new collection: Nerd Chic


  1. Felicidades, you deserve it! <3

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