Ouna's Closet Behind The Scenes.

 Entering my 1st interview ever, since starting this blog, it was natural for me to be nervous. Checking my questions more than once, genuinely preparing for anything. Needless to say, I was also really excited. My whole goal of the interview was take the store and rip each layer until I got to the heart of it. Understanding why it's there, why it started and how it helps others. After all, helping has always been a big thing for me in this industry. Since helping someone with clothing and seeing them smile is just something you can never put a price on.

 I was very welcomed by Angela, the stores owner, and my nervousness went away in a matter of seconds. I was impressed with how poised and intelligent she was. How she knew how to answer my questions and give me something more. I loved seeing her love for what she does and her desire to just keep on giving and helping. How she maneuvered around the store with such sureness when I asked her to pick 5 of her favorite items.

 When I came to, the interview was over, but the conversation didn't stop. I also had my friend, Desi, who assisted me on the pictures. It was nice to also have a nice talk with Angela, apart from all the interview business. She has the knowledge to carry that store as far as she wants, and I praise her for it. So if any of you every visit, make sure to really see the items, the decor, everything. Because each item has its own story.

Cheers all,


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