Backstage: Carlota Alfaro Fashion Show.

A tremendous victory this past weekend, for I was able to work backstage at the Carlota Alfaro Fashion Show. I was one of the coordinators and basically a model wrangler. I went on Thursday thinking I was going to get interviewed and see if I could work. There Sylvia Solis was able to introduce me to Grace Fontecha. I was able to converse about fashion and my wish to be involved in fashion. After a lovely talk, I was told I would be a coordinator and help keep the models at bay. After 2 hours of rehearsal, I felt confident I would do the work easily.

 Then on Friday, the day of the show, I got there at 5pm. Loads of models were already roaming with make-up on and chatting happily. The show was to start at 7pm, but being a show in Puerto Rico it obviously started late. Try 2 hours late... Now, this would have been a horror to others but not to us, the coordinators. This is the exhilarating part! It was up to us to wip the models into gear and have them on the cat walk in record time. With more than 15+ designers, this was not easy. But alas, the job got done and failure was avoided. Everything went on perfectly. Now, I'm sad to inform you guys that I couldn't take many pictures. My camera went completely mental! Sigh. But I have a few! And when the pictures of the show are posted, I shall talk about my opinion on the dresses. There were definitely some hit and misses. Stay tuned!

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