Siblings "Sister" Editioin Leopard Print Cardigan.

 Alas the time has come for my lovely cardigan to arrive all the way from  the UK. I informed in a previous post that Topshop UK was having a nice sale and that I got a blue leopard print sequins cardigan. Well, the cardigan arrived today in perfect condition. It is so beautiful in person, although I do wish they had the yellow one when I bought it. Anyway, the package was ideal for a cardigan and also polka dot print, which was adorable. The cardigan clearly states that it was £144.00 pounds, and I got it for £30.00, which is roughly around $40.00. It was a huge bargain, and I'm quite happy with it. I'm super excited to wear it and take a picture of it for an OOTD, but that will have to wait. 

 In other quick news... I've been thinking and thinking about making videos about, make-up, tutorials, hauls, etc. I haven't done so because I'm a thinker, so I don't just jump into things. i think about the consequences about making videos and my own personal privacy. I've come up with a solution for now, I'll make a video and test out how it goes. A trial period, if you may. I already have the 1st video idea which would be a No Make-up, Make-up Tutorial. I have the perfect look for that and it also sounds fun. Then an About Me video, and I'll go on from there.

  Apart from this, Puerto Rico is going through a massive heat wave. It is just unbearable for me! I hate the extreme heat, I sweat and get icky. No. No. NO! I like a happy medium. Not hot enough to prance around naked. If I want to wear a jacket I can, If I don't...well I don't. Simple and non-sweaty. THIS is why I don't wear foundation everyday, feels like it clogs my pores. Yuck! Apart from heat, classes are getting irritating. I feel the need to finish and move on. Bring in the next chapter. Sigh~ I shall keep on for now.

Hope everyone is well,



  1. WOW! Lucky girl finding such a gorgeous piece for such a great price.

    Take care :)

  2. I know! I just love it!

    Thank you so much <3

  3. This is such a beautiful cardigan! :)

  4. Hi!lovely post :) i follow you now!
    Would you come in my blog and follow me?


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