360 ° View

 Is there such thing of having a 360 ° view of your blog?

 I truly believe so. In fact, that is the direction I'm preparing to take my blog in. You see, to my blogging isn't just a hobby... it's my job, passion, what I just do naturally. Everyday I go out that door and what I constantly think about is watching my surroundings for new material to put in my blog. Hard work goes into my blog, each word written is carefully thought of just for the benefit of my readers. Sure, I'm new at this. Sure, I don't have many readers...yet. 

 Now, let me explain better what I mean by 360 ° view. I'm talking about having videos, written material, illustrations and pictures. Yes, quite the package... not to mention hard work. But that is the challenge I seek. I may not be the best writer, being that I haven't taken a class in journalism and hey, maybe I should. But the way I write is so I can engage with the readers. Not just some boring article, but more like a conversation. 

The beauty of being an artist is being surrounded by other artist. The inspiration is endless. For example, my uni friend Ivia was kind enough to illustrate past polyvore outfits I've done:

Outfit No.1:

Outfit No.2:

And as for videos, well I've started my youtube channel where I've posted a couple of my outfit of the day (OOTD) videos. I'm starting out slowly but surely:

 So you see, this isn't just a hobby I have fun doing. I truly take this seriously. I want to help others, it's just what I do. So please, enjoy every post I make because each one is special and took time to make. And thank all of you who already read my blog, it brings me joy. Keep it coming guys!


  1. Really nice styles, and love the drawings♥


  2. those illustrations are adorable. I love the idea of matching styles with the illustrations... totally inspirational!

  3. thanks <3
    ivia is a great artist, be sure to check her out!

  4. Your illustrations are brilliant! Great blog! xoxo

  5. They're not my illustrations though. Ivia, the artist and friend I mentioned, drew them for me by using some outfits I created in Polyvore. She's amazing at drawing, check her out!


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