Mini Haul!

 Lack of time has left me kind of tired and in no mood to hunt for good items, I am taking a 3D design class after all. But not all is lost! I did get a couple of goodies, which of course I would be delighted to share with you guys.

 Thrift-ed some cool things, some I live & some I don't. But got amazing deals on some stuff, especially from Topshop UK. Let me give you a heads up, the pictures aren't that good since the lighting was bad and my camera is not professional (sob).
Kenneth Cole make-up bag, Harajuku Lovers fragrance "Snow bunnies", Jasmine Tea, Black skirt, High waist shorts, Stripped band jacket & Salmon pink scarf.

So, I did some hunting and found some awesome items. I'm especially in love with the stripped band jacket & the black skirt, which was $3 by the way. As you know, bright colours are in right now for spring, so I started by getting the salmon pink scarf... Hey, I have to start somewhere, right? As for the Harajuku Lovers fragrance, I was let down. I don't like the smell much, it's too bland and barely noticeable. For my 1st Harajuku fragrance, I was so let down. But apart from that, I'm also excited to use my new make-up bag since the one I had is now too little.

   Also, mom brought me 2 items from Avon.  A peachie coloured lip stick and a 4 eyeshadow colour palette. I adore the lipstick, it's creamy and has such a nice colour. It reminds me of MAC lipsticks, only less expensive... obviously! But the eyeshadow palette, although beautiful colours, is not that pigmented which makes me sad. I mean, 4 beautiful colours and then you have to swipe them so much! But it's not an expensive palette and good for beginners who don't know where to start (I think it was around $8-$10).

   In other news, for those who love Topshop but think it's so expensive then give the sale part a try. Even though I'm from P.R, therefor considered U.S territory, I found that the UK Topshop had much more cooler sale items. I ordered this awesome Blue Leopard Print Sequins Cardigan for £30.00 which is roughly $40. There was a yellow version of this, which I loved more, but it was sold out. But the point is, you should check out the sale area and give it a try! Some of the items there are so nice and at a more reasonable price.

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