Jemma Kidd Make Up School | Cream Highlighter

Do you guys have a product you keep putting off buying and then you hear their being discontinued? Well, this was that product for me. The whole Youtube make up world was raving about the Jemma Kidd cream highlighters ever since summer (I think) and I was always intrigued. First, because I'm not one to use highlighter often since I tend to have combo oily skin. Second, I'd never used a cream highlighter. This product, from the packaging to the product itself, was always alluring to me. So when I heard Jemma Kidd were going to stop making make up I had to run a buy it. It was NOT easy finding this online, but I did manage to get a discount.

Sadly, I'm reviewing a discontinued product and it doesn't seem fair. However, let's just look at it as trying cream highlighters for the first time. This winter my skin took a turn for the dry road and it was damn annoying. I opted to use liquid products so I could prevent drying in areas. That means, cream concealers, blushes and now highlighters. Since my skin was lacking that nice glow/shine this highlighter came in handy. The application is nice a smooth, easy to blend. It gives a nice healthy glow without being too obnoxious. Think of it as a cream version of MAC's Soft and Gentle. The glow is warm with some pink undertones that look lovely on fair to olive skin types. Sorry if you can't find this product guys, but if you're afraid to try cream highlighters and have dry skin, you should definitely try some!

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