Stars and Stripes in the US Presidential Campaigns

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Forget about Guy Fawkes and gunpowder, this November the fireworks are going
to be in red, white and blue, because November 6th will see the conclusion of the
American Presidential Election. Will it be another term for Barack Obama or will the
USA have a new President, Republican Mitt Romney?

And, on another tack, which celebrities have come out in support of each candidate?
Well, singer Katy Perry was seen dressed up as a ballot paper in a dress she wore
to perform at a Barack Obama Rally in Las Vegas recently.
And who did Katy celebrate her twenty-eighth birthday with this October? Only First
Lady Michelle Obama! An excited Perry tweeted “NOW my bday is complete! Lunch
with @MichelleObama #chicvote [sic]".

Another young celebrity Democrat is Lena Dunham, the talented writer, director
and star of HBO’s Girls. She has made a campaign video for Obama, and in it
encourages young people to vote for the first time and, if it’s their first time, it should
be for a “good man” like Obama.

Romney, on the other hand, has the likes of Meatloaf supporting him. The
substantial rock singer told a packed football stadium that “I want you to know that
there is one man who will stand tall in this country and fight the storm and bring the
United States back to what it should be…Governor Mitt Romney!”

He continued, “Mitt Romney has the backbone”. Passionate words there from the
Bat Out of Hell singer. Other famous Republican supporters include Adam Sandler
and Clint Eastwood, who made headlines of an unfortunate sort for the Republicans
with this surreal keynote ‘speech’ at their convention.

In fact, that video is a good example of the trivial nature of the campaign in general.
Even the nominees’ wives have not been immune from attacks, with Michelle Obama
pilloried for both the thrift and largesse of various outfits. In particular, she might find
it difficult to shop for ladies’ handbags until the economy has fully picked up again,
given the focus last year on her $1000 bag. It’s less than a week till polling day and,
though a high bar has been set, things could get even crazier as the two campaign
teams race to the finish line in the most important political contest of them all....

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