MAC | Honey Love Alternative

There's seriously nothing better than finding a dupe or alternative to a higher end product. Especially when the alternative is way cheaper. In this case I found an alternative for MAC's Honey Love (my favorite nude lipstick). I say alternative because its a similar color but a bit darker, making it not a dupe. Anyway, I'm talking about Wet n' Wild's Bare It All (902C) matte lipstick. I mean, the similarities are very close, especially when applied. Plus, the price is less than $3 compared to $14.50! Bargaaaaaaain~

The texture of both is matte, although the Bare It All is a bit more drying on the lips than Honey Love. As I said, Bare It All is a bit darker than Honey Love but they both have that pink undertone. These are the types of nude that I find fit my lips and skin tone best. I still prefer Honey Love over Bare It All but its always nice to find a cheaper alternative. For those who like Honey Love but don't which to spend the money, you can check out the Wet n' Wild one. Regardless, you get a very flattering nude.

Wet n Wild on the left | MAC on the right

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