Through Thick and Thin

 I've been rendered tired lately. It's not that I've done much, it's just that I'm tired of doing nothing. Well, that's not exactly true, I did work today alone for 4hrs handling 8 clothing rooms by myself. Oh woe is me. But on more exciting news, Halloween is almost upon us and I've been invited to attend a True Blood inspired party of the launch of Erika Peñas new collection. I love seeing new collections, especially in flesh, and since we have to dress up as vampys I have an excuse to use my new Va Va Violet Revlon lipstick. Can I ask for anything better? Yes, I can. My birthday present arrived today to alleviate me from wallowing in self pity because I worked a lot. I'll show you guys what I got, ignoring the fact that my birthday is actually in December. Shh.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome shoes.. I've been meaning to get similar ones. Are they comfortable?

    One week till my giveaway ends so check it out :)



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