Spike Headband

 A couple of months back I wrote about my love with spike headbands. Well, even as time past by my love didn't die. I'd been looking for the perfect one, it just proved to be more difficult with my very specific taste. Some were to spiked, some had too many, etc... you get the point. But I was able to find a store in Etsy that had the perfect one for a very good price. I found a store called reFindRebel and she makes amazing headbands. I got mine for $20 and the packaging was very good. It came in intact and the communication with the vendor was good also. So, check her out if you're interested!


  1. me gusta mucho, pero me dan dolor de cabeza, no puedo usar NADA q apriete :( creo q soy cabezona

  2. no aprieta, es bastante comoda

  3. muy original, funky! y e encanta el lema en la tarjeta de presentacion :D


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