Arabian Night at Erika Peña

 This past Saturday was the Arabian Nights at Erika Peña. I was invited to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and the launch of their new collection. So I hopped on my car with Desi and headed to the celebration. The celebration was amazing, very detailed in the decorations, bringing the Arabian mood here to PR. I made a b-line for the collection eager to see it, and I wasn't disappointed. The play with a royal blue and gold was divine. The rustic feel and simplicity made it stand out and made just about everyone at a 10ft ratio drool with want and need to posses the whole collection...hell, the whole store.

 Being exposed to jewelry as I have in the past months has made me develop a certain taste in what I like. I've started investing in certain jewels, because I like them and because I'd like to pass them on when the time is right. So, I discovered that I have a love for quartz which is supplied at Erika P. There's a lot, a LOT, of quartz there. Needless to say, I had to leave with a piece of my own. I got myself a beautiful quartz ring in gold. Ah, the spraklies... 

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