Je ne sais pas...

 It's been a weird couple of weeks. They've gone by pretty quick, so it's been a blur. But I have managed to get some things while the blur happened! I was under a bit of stress, so it's nice to buy some things for myself and just enjoy it. I'm finding myself reading a lot. I know it's not good, because I use them to escape reality, and sometimes reality can't be put on hold. But it's just nice to sit back and read a good book. Now, I'm done with a bit of a ramble and on to the stuff!

  I want to start of by blowing your minds with this awesome shoes I got. They're basically an identical copy of a Topshop Leopard Print Loafer (which probably went for $60+) but I got mine from F21 for $20. Now, you have to break them in for like 30min, but it's all good after that. The 1st picture below is the Topshop version and the next two are mine. 
 Forever 21 Leopard Print Loafers
Forever 21 Shirt, F21 Harem, F21 Shoes
 Forever 21 Loafers, F21 Skirt, Illamasqua Nail Varnish, Spike Head Band, Benefir Coralista Blush, Forever 21 lipstick and necklace, Toki-Doki key shain


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