Glamour! At Erika Peña

 Halloween is almost here (yey!) and what better way to celebrate it then to be invited to see a new collection launch. As I've said before, after being exposed to jewelry I saw that I do have a passion for it and without it, your outfit is incomplete. As always, when I got to Erika's new "I" collection launch I did a 'b' line straight for the goodies. I wasted no time taking pictures and drooling over the loveliness of the collection. It was interesting to see how with a few well placed lines, in the piece, she could create the illusion of the eye without having to give a lot of detail. And with the sudden trend with eyes, evil and other, it couldn't have come at a better time.
 I swear, I shouldn't be allowed to enter the store (well, by my ath). I get overcome by the feeling of wanting to buy everything. Hell, even this time I fell victim to my desires and bought another piece. In my defense, I'm building my own collection of worthy jewels so I can pass on. Who knows? I may even do a giveaway with an Erika piece someday... if I hit 100 readers here. But guys, don't miss out on this collection, go see the store, meet the people, talk with the designer. Get that whole view on the collection. It never disappoints to learn more and more about it.
 I went as a vampire enthusiast. The whole launch was True Blood themed, which means everyone had their vamp on!

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  1. excelentes fotos. el collar con las piedras color coral, azul y blanco me dejo loca! Y por supuesto, tematica a lo TB is a win!


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