Unpredictable Weather

 I'm so happy to be back with my best friends of all life. After some problems during the week, it's nice to have a sweet escape. It's been a very fashion filled weekend. We went shopping, read magazines, got some fashion books, etc. The weather is still mental. I swear, it's so hard getting dressed lately. Imagine waking up thinking it's going to be a hot day and then it rains. Desi got a cool new book called In Fashion for a nice price. It's a very insightful book that has a test to see where you would fit in the fashion world. I turned out to be a Critic with a bit of every other position mentioned.

 F21 Shirt, F21 High Waist jeans, Studded shoes are vintage
 F21 Ring, Fossil watch, Vintage ring

 Presenting my friend Momo. She designs clothing and bags. She was wearing a really nice casual outfit since she got out of the uni not long before I took this. We both have the same boots, they're from TJ Max and I have the brown ones. Plus, she had this cute tote bag with her.

 Last, I got a couple of stuff when we all went bargain shopping. You guys would love shopping with all of us. We scream, laugh and make jokes. We were in the fragrance section for about an hour comparing each smells with places or stuff. I got a skirt that, although it looks orange, is a nice peachy/salmon colour which I thought would be perfect for summer. Then I found this awesome high waist polka dot shorts by chance! There were only 3 left and Momo took the others. Also got a mint green cardigan that was just too cute to pass on. The material used to make it is really nice and soft, which I loved. Last I got a BCBG dress for $20 dollars! Can you believe that? I loved the colours, it's off the shoulders but I love the idea of having that paired with a pleather jacket and boots! All in all, it was a nice day, despite the rain.


  1. I need to buy all of those Glamours! Also, I love your loose white top with the skinnies - such a good combination.


    PS Your blog is fantastic so I'm following you! :)

  2. and I agree about my best friends - I have no idea what I'd do without them.

  3. Thank you so much! The Glamour with Blake on the cover was really good.

  4. Nice find on the BCBG dress--I love bargain shopping. I also love your studded vintage shoes!

  5. Thanks!
    The BCBG dress was a lucky find, but I later found out that the cardigan used to be $89! I got it for $12, which is insane!

  6. Sounds like a Great weekend! You got some Great stuff!


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