Outside of the Bubble

I wanted to channel my inner Susie Bubble (fav. blogger) on this one. I wanted to go for things I may not usually go with all together. To be truthful, I'd wear this...proudly.
Although the PRADA lace-ups have some mix critic, I love them. But the again, I also love creepers. Anyway, of course I played with the blue and the orange of the bag and did a mini colour block since orange and blue do compliment each other. The denim jacket is a touch just for something more, although I'd prefer it lighter but I didn't find something that I liked.
As for accessories... Here you have two statement pieces, the shoes and the bag. So let's not forget about the dress. I chose a cream coloured bracelet that goes with the cream colour pattern on the dress. I mean, I don't want to drown my accessories or my statement pieces so, down play it. Showcase the shoes/bag. Since I love studs I decided to play with that and go for gold, since the bag has a gold buckle.
Last but not least, the make-up. Of course, I'm not gonna go and pick each piece of make-up needed so, I concentrated on the main idea. Blue nails, which are flirty and play with the shoes. Bronze-y cheeks with a bit of a blush, just giving it that feminine touch. And Burnt orange lips! I love this colour, I myself wear it a lot. I also like to work in a very minimalistic way. I like the simplicity and the cleanness of it.
The point is to sometime go outside of the box of bubble. Try something fun and new and miix, mix, MIX! Fashion is yours for the taking.


  1. I really like this outfit. It incorporates a lot of current trends while still letting your personal style shine. Plus I really like how you explained all of your choices. I can totally follow your thought process.
    p.s. blue & orange= my favorite color combo for summer! :)

  2. Thank you so much!
    I sometimes worry I ramble too much and loose my point, so it's nice to see you get where I'm coming from and where I going to.

    Ps: Blue and orange are kick ass.


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