Chaotic Oasis

 It has definitely been a chaotic few weeks. I have a massive, massive art block. I went into a procrastinating frenzy, and having car/transportation problems did not help at all. I missed a few days of classes thanks to the car. Anyway, apart from all that I do acknowledge that I did have some fun times these few weeks.

 I went to an outlet mall with my friends and mum. We had fun and I was able to find a tee from BCBGMax for $19 that was previously $108. Say what?! Yes, I speak the truth. Also found two awesome sunglasses that I've been looking for and at a good deal. Then I was reunited with my old water polo teammates, some of them at least. We had so much fun and I ended up going on a road trip to some CCCAN competitions going on. There I saw some more teammates and some of my old guy friends. I had a blast!

(The last 2 pictures were not taken by me because I didn't bring my camera to the game)
 Coming back to my project. I had to illustrate Fashion Illustration. I had difficulty with the writing part, which took most of my imagination and ultimately made me panic. I was on a spot where I couldn't illustrate well, nor write well. But alas, I finished and although I could have done better on the booklet, I liked how it turned out. Some of the illustrations were previously done drawings from people and I vectorized them. The poster I drew and vectorized myself. I'm very happy with the poster and will probably hang it on my room when I'm done presenting. Also got some shoes my mum ordered for me, since she nags about how I need new ballerina shoes. The heels she also got me came in the wrong size so I'll show them when I get the true size.

 Now I leave you with a random picture of my beau, which he will probably scream at me for posting... And also, I'm off to use my yen to cut the cardboard box for the CD I need to finish my project. Sigh~ Oh! And if you didn't know, I have a tumblr which I do post daily. It's my little escape corner, check it out!


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