The Undying Love of Tights & Shoes

 Lets face it, how can tights go wrong?! Well, unless it's a horrible pattern. But black tights are essential in any wardrobe. I spoke of this before. Now it's time to pair them up with shoes! I personally prefer to pair them with ankle boots and so on up, but some flats look good, and of course with heels. Tights are just a signature thing I do, and pairing them up with awesome shoes can boost your outfit, especially if it's all black and some statement colour shoes. I picked my Top 10 shoes to wear  with tights and I'll be displaying them in  photos and a video. My 10th pair of shoes isn't on the video or the photos, since the black doc martens decided to flee from my room. But do not fret! I wear my black docs in almost all my OOTD's on my youtube account.

 Also, if you haven't noticed I cleaned up my blog a bit. Now my archive and followers are at the end of the blog, and I cleaned the widgets at the side a bit. Still, they clash with certain pictures depending on how I place them but who cares... (I kinda do) Anyway, I'm kind of OCD when it comes to my blog or any blog I have. I like things clean, if only that were the case with my room! I may model each shoe &tight with an outfit, but that's pending. Anyway, enjoy!

 Nine West
 Vintage Black Studded Shoes
Acne Atacoma Black Metal Wedges
 American Eagle Red Ballerina Shoes
 Forever 21 Heart Pattern Shoes
 Pale Pink Doctor Martens
 Aldo Brown Platform Shoes
 Forever 21 Nude Pumps
Black & White Osiris

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