Everday Make-up Routine

 I've been finding myself doing a smudge-y eye look lately. It's just more edgy and looks nice. Using only browns, I fell if I were to use black, it would look just too crowded for an everyday look. It's easy, you don't use much make-up and the humidity wont make you regret it. I've been wearing less make-up because of a weather, and I opted for a powder foundation than a liquid. It's more light on my skin, so the heat wont make me break out and sweat. The foundation is really light on me but has good enough coverage. Also, I'm find myself using bronzers instead of blushes lately. I never thought I'd pull off bronzer, but it's turned out quite well. My mum gave me a nice bronzer that gives a sligh orange-y bronzy colour that is really flattering on my skin. Almost glow-y. Anyway, watch the video, although it's  not a tutorial. I could always make one too!

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