It's been an exhausting week, lots and lots of work. It's been too hot to even breathe! However, I did get to go to Desi's (mentioned in other posts) art exposition. I only got to take very few pictures, I don't feel well physically so I was keeping it simple and quiet. Also, the camera battery died...

 Also did a little make-up haul video on the make-up I got lately, which is posted a couple of posts down. Overall, I was quite happy with all I got. Both of the NYX eyeshadows look nice and are fairly good in the pigment area. The Wet 'n' Wild lip sticks are very nice also. The lighter violet colour is somewhat of a stain, so it lasts a long time. The deep plum colour cracks after a few hours but no biggie, they were $2 after all! The Hard Candy Fox in a Box is really nice. It comes out somewhat peachy and bronze-y, which I love. I seem to be really into bronzers as of late, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect bronzer. 
 Also, I'm currently working on a project for my Vector Design class where I have to show how Graphic Design works with a topic. I chose to design fashion illustration, which I will show once I'm finished and I present it. And I have a new idea for a new banner, which I will hopefully do this weekend. But that's all for now, hope everyone is well!

ps: enjoy my awkward face and closed eyes in the pictures!

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