Au Lait

 Recently my friend Brenda and I got some skin/hair products that sounded lovely. they're called Au Lait, which means milk, which also means it's good for your skin. The kit brought a loofah, a shampoo, body wash, soap and body butter. I've been using it some a couple of days now and so far I love it. It's from Scotland and it's supposed to be really good for you. It smells really, really good. Kind of a clean and fresh smell. The loofah is divine for exfoliating and it's adorable. The packaging is really cute also, I got it for $5. The shampoo works really well also, not the best I've tried, but worth it. The body wash and lotion, those I love. They leave my skin really soft and smelling very nice. All in all, for $5, I think it was worth the try. Who knows? If I see the big bottle around I'll probably buy it again, but I wont necessarily go out of my way to look for it either.

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