Things I don't regret buying!

 On a new note, out of all the bad products we get there are always very good products we plan to buy again. Since you guys liked my post about things I regret getting, I thought 'Why not do a post about things I plan to get again?'. So, here I am posting once more, hope you like it. Also, my lighting was bad so I had to resort to using white paper. 

NYX Black Label lipstick in Beige and nude, Revlon in Persian Melon and Siren & Wet 'n' Wild 908C
 These are the lipsticks I've been using lately. I combine the NYX lipsticks to create a perfect nude lip that suits me. They're really creamy and actually last a decent amount of time. Next are the Revlon ones. I've always loved Revlon, they're good quality and don't test on animals, which I generally try to avoid. These 2 colours are my it colours for now. They last a really long time and both have great texture and pigment. I could eat and drink and I'd still have colour on my lips. Then we have the Wet 'n' Wild violet lipstick. Now, this one I absolutely love right now. It's somewhat of a stain, begins a lipstick and it also stains your lips. I literally ate and drank and ate, and it was still there when I went to see if I had to retouch. It's not a colour worn here much, so I loved being the only one to have it on where I went. I just adore it. And for $2 I mean, how can you go wrong with that?!

Mark Speedaway Concealer & Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

 Here we have 2 concealers that have such a different price range from each other. One is around $8 and the other is $42. I've had the Amazing Cosmetics concealer for around 2 years now. It still works, it's not damaged, it still cover well... amazingly. This is a product worth splurging on, in my opinion. You only need to apply a small amount to cover a big area. It's worked for me and I'm really happy I still have some product left to last me a couple of months. Then we have the Mark concealer for Avon. They is a really mid-coverage concealer that's really creamy. I don't love the package, it gets messy, but it does its job at the end of the day so I'm good. This is something I use here in a humid weather, I don't want to over do my make-up and clog up my skin.

Mark Just Pinched Blusher & Hard Candy Fox In a Box

 The Mark blusher is really a nice and lovely cream blush. It truly gives you a natural flush to the skin. I use this on calm days where I want to have a fresh look and keep it clean. The Hard Candy box I bought recently. Obviously if it made it here, it means I liked it a lot. This just gives me a peachy blush and also somewhat a bronze-y glow. I don't feel either of these products clogs me up, and that is really important to me.

Clinique Blended Face Powder & Mark Powder Buff Foundation

 These 2 are really essential to me in the humid weather. They don't clog me up, they don't make me oily and they give me a nice clean fresh look, somewhat matte but not cake-y. 

Urban Decay NAKED Palette & Claire's Palette

 Must I truly sit here and say why the NAKED palette is good? No, I don't think so. But I'll name a few things... Great pigments, great texture, very wearable colours and good for many looks. I use this palette almost daily, from smokey eyes to neutral eyes to smudge-y eyes. It's definitely a great products. The Claire's one is more of a Take-it-with-you product. A great white for highlighting and some nice neutral colours with surprisingly good pigments.

Milani Tantastic Face & Body Bronzer, Benefit Ligh Brow Pencil & Urban Decay Naked Palette Eyeliner duo pen
  The bronzer gives me a nice healthy glow and just the right amount of shimmer when applied right. At 1st I didn't like this products, I didn't understand it. But I've recently tried it again and fell in love. Next is the brow pencil. I've always had a difficult time using eyeshadow to colour my brows in, so when I found this Benefit product I just fell in love. It's the perfect light brown to make my brows look good but not overly filled. The we have the magical duo eye liner pen. Great pigment and a gorgeous Whiskey brown. I don't know what I'll do when the brown runs out.

  Hope you enjoyed one again this review. I love all of these products and I truly recommend trying them if you were already thinking about it. Of course, keep in mind that my review is based on my experience with the product. What works for me, might not work for you. Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I love everything here, I swear on my life on Amazing Concealer


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