Sephora | Mineral Brush 45

  I first saw this brush on Essiebutton's blog and youtube channel. To me it looked so soft that I had to see it for myself. After checking it out a couple of times I decided to get it at Sephora. The brush is $26, which is pricey but it's hands down my favorite brush and I swear by it (as the girls from BBPR know). The feel of this brush is to die for! It's so soft and spreads the product so evenly. I personally use this for foundation, but it can be used for blush, bronzer or highlighter. I cannot express enough how I love this brush. The application is superb. You don't need to apply any amount of pressure to be able to buff the product in, the brush just works amazing. This is a brush I will re-purchase again and again and again. I know this was a short review but if it were up to me I'd just write "BEST BRUSH EVER" and be done with it, but you deserve at lest a paragraph, right? BEST BRUSH EVAR!


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