Clarins | Natural Lip Perfector

Hello, lovelies! I bring you a quick an honest review of a product that took the blogging world by storm and everyone was dying to get their hands on it. Clarins' Natural Lip Perfector in Apricot Shimmer. Now, I've read and heard so much about this, how much people loved it and how they had to have it in all (3) colors. Naturally, I was intrigued I mean I love lip products and trying new stuff out. After looking into it I decided to actually check it out and get it. 

First off, this lip gloss goes for about $21, which is okay as far as high end products go. After using this for a couple of weeks I must say I like it but there are more cons than pros. You have one color you have them all and although you see a color pay-off when swatched on your hand they all go the same on the lips. So, is getting all (3) colors worth it? Not in my opinion. Moving on, these babies are said to reduce the lines that form in between the lips and although it does soothe them it does not reduce them for me. My lips are very stubborn and rebellious and only behave when I wear this or my NUXE balm. However, this lip gloss smells to die for! It smells ridiculously good and vanilla-y. Would I buy it again? No. Do I regret getting it? No, I don't. Should you get it? I say try it out first and then proceed to get it if you liked it!

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