Korres | Wild Rose Moisturizer

 More samples! I'm sorry I haven't shown bigger products this week but as I said, I don't have my camera with me so I'm just using some pictures I took already. Anyway! Regardless of havin the camera or not I did try out more of the things I got with the 500point system at Sephora. I decided to try out the Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer. I really wish I had gotten a bigger sample to be able to try it more than twice but such is life. I wasn't too fond of the smell of this but it was tolerable. I wore this in the morning before applying any make up and at night before sleeping. During the day I didn't notice anything special about it, it was an average moisturizer that happens to be a bit expensive for my taste. However, at night it felt really good and when I woke up I didn't look tired or dull. My skin did have a brightness to it that I was definitely digging. I'd buy the bigger size if I could, I'm having issues with committing myself into buying it (just like I can't commit to buy NARS Laguna). Who knows, maybe I'll buy it one day. But I can't deny that I did see a nice result when I woke up. Do any of you have this? Any thoughts?  

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