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'Sup, guys? Hope you're all well. Today I bring you a small review of a Top Shop lipstick I got from a blog sale. First of all, I love me some blog sales. It's the perfect opportunity to get things for a much more affordable price. Anyway, this is my first Top Shop lipstick ever. I know they're not expensive in the store but I want to actually check them out in person rather than buy them online (this being a special case, being a blog sale and all). First thing i noticed was the fruity smell it has. I'm not fond of it but it's something I can handle. Plus, the smell doesn't stay when you apply it. This is a very soft lipstick. Not quite creamy, just soft and a bit velvety. It does go on a bit streaky but there is just something about this lipstick that I love. Maybe I'm being biased, I don't know. I love the subtle nude color and I like how it makes my lips soft. This is something i carry in my make up bag for mellow days. Definitely happy I was able to get this on a sale.

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