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I'm back! After a horrible week and some of getting my wisdom teeth taken out and having some complications, I'm finally back to my old blogging self. And what better way to come back than to tell you I finally committed? Yes, I finally took the plunge and got NARS Laguna bronzer after staring at it for roughly (2) years. Let me tell you, I almost didn't get it. I don't know whats wrong with me but I could never make myself buy it. Anyway, I got it after forcing myself and I'm so glad that it didn't disappoint.

I first was introduced to this bronzer while I was working my first internship. I needed a bronzer, since we were getting ready for an event that evening, and one of my then co-workers lent me this bronzer. I fell in love at how effortless this bronzer is. What really struck me was how the me back then didn't know how to apply bronzer all that well but this bronzer made me look like a million bucks. Why it took me so long to get, I'll never understand. I'm just super glad that it is as amazing as I remembered it. Keep in mind that this is a pricey bronzer ($34) which is partly why I could never commit. My advice is you go try it out in the store before you buy it so you don't regret it.
The Laguna bronzer is a more fair to olive skin tone bronzer. It has a subtle gold shimmer to help give that glow tanning effect without having to actually sit under the sun and burn. I don't find you can do much contouring with this, but to each it's own. It has a very smooth application and it's easy to blend out. A little goes a long way, but I don't feel you need a light hand either. I don't fear I look like a clown when I go a bit "over board". This just gives that effortless glow look, like JLo is famous for. It has a very good color pay off and it does last a nice amount of time on. You may have to retouch it during the day but I don't mind it since by the time I'd have to retouch it I'm already home. This is hands down my favorite bronzer so far.
Swatch + Swatch blended with a brush.

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