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My lovely mother, she's adorable, got me these (2) lippies almost two weeks ago since there was a sale going on. I had been looking at these guys but found them a bit expensive for drugstore lipsticks, so getting them on a deal was great. These are both great summer colors, giving a very good amount of pigment without going full on. More of a kissable look. However, something really irked me about the Sweet Angora packing (gold package; on the left) and it was that it had such a grand package and then you open it and the tube is so small and slim. Why make such a big package for that? It really annoyed me.

As I mentioned, the color payoff is really nice and pigmented without being overbearing. I do find them a bit too creamy for my taste and they tend to fade a bit faster (Sweet Angora (left) faster than Summer Rose (right). I tend to not lean on pink lips since I feel I look too made up, but these give a nice flush of color. It's something I slap on when I feel the need to have a bit of color without wanting a full on lipstick. The pink in both lipsticks is very flattering on all skin tones and would look superb on darker skin tones. Again, these are perfect for what's left of the summer and to wear them during the day. Very good shades of pink without going Barbie pink, which I dislike. Do I recommend them? Only if they aren't full price. I could certainly do without them and don't find them to be anything special. I like them but I don't find myself reaching for them as much to find myself actually buying them at full price. But they're worth checking out.
Summer Rose &  Sweet Angora

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  1. they look pretty! i only have one l'oreal lipstick and it's the same packaging as the summer rose one, and my sister got it for me on sale for only $1.50! mine's in perpetual peach. i use it almost every day! i love the pink colors


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