Formula 10.0.6 | Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer

 I recently ran out of  my Yes To Carrots moisturizer and had to do a speed buy. Since the drugstore I went to didn't have any YTC I decided to go with Formula 10.0.6 which I'd never heard about before. What attracted me to this product was that it said it was a "mattifying oil-free moisturizer" and we all know my skin is normal to oily. A matte moisturizer really appealed in this hot summer so I got it. However, I'm sad to say it doesn't do a good job of mattifying at all. You have a "matte" face for about 10 to 15min and then I started getting oily around my T zone. Plus, it leaves this weird sheen to the skin and is exactly what I'm trying to avoid in the first place. As a moisturizer it works just fine, but it does not keep my face matte. I'm going to use it until I run out of it since I'm not fond of wasting money, but I'm definitely not repurchasing in the future. I'll just still for my YTC for now.

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  1. I love this brand! Their face washes are amazing!


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