Huge Thanks To Clarins!

Small post here, but I'd love to recognize these two Clarins samples that helped me so much these few weeks. My face had hit a rough patch of having some very dry patches around my cheek and cheek bone area that was driving me insane. I'd forgotten about these samples that I got from the counter lady, since I normally have normal to oily, and decided to give them a try. Boy did they help me. I've used the Hydra Quench Cream all these nights before i go to sleep and I wake up refreshed and with some moisture back in the affected areas. Also used the Beauty Flash Balm as a mask whilst bathing for 10 to 15min and it worked equally as well, so I'm very happy. As for repurchasing, I wish they were both in m y budget (sigh) but they go for $49.50 and $45 full size, which is waaaaaaay over what I can pay at the moment. My point is, if you have the money to spend and you're looking for good products to help dryness then you should check these out.

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  1. the beauty flash balm sounds very interesting


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