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Red lipstick is just a staple piece in every make up bag. They come in many a shades and fit women differently. Its like owning those jeans that make your butt look amazing. Yeah, those. I myself own two red lipsticks: MAC Rubywoo & Kat Von D Adora. Both are gorgeous and very classic reds. So, I wanted to spice up my red lipsticks and go for a more brick red, a bit darker than the traditional. 

I chose a MAC lipstick because I feel safe with MAC. I haven't had too many casualties with MAC lipsticks. If you want a good quality lipstick, MAC is almost always the way to go. This time was no exception since I found myself with a new red lipstick called Dubonnet. Never heard of it and didn't research it before hand. This is an Amplified range lipstick, meaning the color will be more vibrant. The finish is between a satin and matte lipstick, which is fine by me. I don't find myself overly checking my teeth in the mirror to see if I have some lippie there, because I feel that once the lipstick sets its unshakeable for a nice amount of hours. That being said, I find that the way it wears is a bit unflattering. I can definitely say I've had other lipstick that wear off in a nice way. This isn't one. Regardless, its a lovely different shade to have for a special occasion or just because. I give this a B+.

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