Revlon | Fashion's Night Pout

Fashion's Night Pout is one of those nude lipsticks I kept seeing on Youtube/blogs but I could never find it here. I'm a huge nude lipstick fan so I was naturally intrigued by this lipstick. I kid you not, I have wanted this for maybe 2 years. Anyway, I was finally able to find it at some random Kmart and it was the last one and let me tell you, I love it.

The lipstick is a peachy nude, which I adore. The texture is one I find myself liking a lot. Not too creamy that it wont last, but to too matte that I feel my lips will crack. Its a moisturizing texture that feels comfortable on the lips and I don't feel I need to watch what I do or else it'll rub off... or worse, get on my teeth. The lasting time on this is average, nothing spectacular. However, I feel that I love using this lipstick and adding some Clarins cream gloss on top. It looks amazing, the perfect glossy nude lip without being goopy. I truly adore this lipstick, its right up there with my favorite nude MAC's Honeylove.

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  1. It's so gorgeous. I've never seen it in stores x


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