Simple & Clean.

Threw together this little outfit. It's a very easy and doable outfit. It gives the effect of elegant and clean. A simple white shirt (can also be done with a v-neck), some jeans, nude heels, nude accessories, and clean nude make-up. I'm very into nude pumps now a days, they go basically with anything and look great! As for make-up, keep it simple with earthy neutral colors. You don't want to over power you're face since the look you're going to is simple and clean. So for the eyes soft browns and white. For the cheeks I chose a coral colour cream blush. As you know, cream blush lasts more and it's really pigmented. There's also gel blush, which you can get in pharmacy's. For accessories, again with simple. Some small earrings and a nice oval ring. For the nails I chose nude colours to keep with the look and nude colour nail polish's are very in right now, they go with anything. For the lips just a nice lip gloss would do. Hope you have fun with it!

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